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Last week, I joined #fossasia. This was amazing event and organized in amazing country - Singapore.

1. People is so nice

It's quite crowded in Singapore especially under MRT. However I didn't think it's a problem here. People here walk so fast and orderly which I rarely see it in my country. My legs were really painful in the first 3 days. Next time, if you plan to come to Singapore, make sure your "walking skill" is good enough to catch up with their speed.

Under MRT

2. Government mindset

It's nice to have Prof. Vivian - Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Singapore to come on stage and give a talk about open source at #fossasia. He definitely got attention of everyone in the room (including me) by showing his code on #nodejs and how he can connect, retrieve and extract information from Singapore public data. Someone asked him "How did Singapore build up a wealthy country? What's Singapore advantages? What're lessons learn from other countries?". Here are some of his answers which made me admire a lot.

  • Singapore is a small country and managing a small country is more easier than big country.
  • Almost people in government in Singapore either has Math degree or Computer Science degree. Most of them are running a business in real life which is another big advantage comparing to other country.

Prof. Vivian on stage at #fossasia

3. Transportation is so good

The only thing I can say about MRT is awesome. Taking the control of transportation instead of giving it to single citizen (Ex: motobike) is a good idea. In my opinion, the benefit of that are less air pollution, less traffic, less accident, less annoy (from people driving too fast or too slow).

MRT in Singapore

4. No trash

I don't see any trash in Singapore. Well, it's a fancy word. Actually, there is some trash but not enough for me to count it :D. It's better than my country a lot and a lot.

Street near my hotel

5. No police

I don't see any policies in Singapore but camera. My friend and I argue about where is the military in Singapore. I bet they are training under the ground. Haha.

6. English everywhere

Notable here. They can talk English quite well. I think my English can improve a lot if I have a chance to come and work here next time.

7. Air conditioner almost everywhere

This season is not so hot in Singapore. However, even in hot season, I think it's quite OK because air conditioner is almost everywhere.

8. Nice View

If you have photo sphere, check it out. I like Marina Bay Sands and Garden By The Bay. I haven't gone to the top of Marina Bay Sands, inside the Big Tree in Garden By The Bay, Safari and Tiger Tower. See you next time Singapore.

Marina View

Marina Bay Sands & Garden By The Bay

9. Big Big Big

My impression about Singapore is everything is big, really big, from skyscraper to big tree, big shell, big scrap and more... It's really amazing.

10. Finally, let's shoot the fly

The funny thing at Changi airport is that when I were in toilet, I were looking for a place to ... shoot. I saw a fly in the first booth, then next booth also has a fly, then next booth... Then I realized that it's intentional there for shooting. LOL. It's quite nice idea. I just only focused on shooting that fly. Haha. Sorry, I didn't take that picture for you. :D

See you next time, Singapore. I will be there with my love!

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